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Harlie Rival.jpg

Harlie had 7 Beautiful Puppies on August 27th, 2019

Red Lt Green.jpg

2 Weeks Old!

This black bear was NOT impressed with a photo shoot today and would not stay awake. Needless to say he has quite the personality and will be spoiled in Bridgeton Maine! ❤

Puppy Yellow 2.jpg
Puppy Yellow 1.jpg
Puppy Yellow 3.jpg

Meet Baxter! He will be traveling up North to Caribou to live with his new family! ❤

Puppy Green 2.jpg
Puppy Green 3.jpg
Puppy Green 1.jpg

This little lady... the one and only lady in the group holds a special place with Ballpark Bullies! She will be staying within the Ballpark Bullies Extended Family! ❤

Puppy Purple 3.jpg
Puppy Purple 2.jpg
Puppy Purple 1.jpg

This little bear cub found his forever home in Massachusetts with 3 kiddos and another Olde English Bulldogge friend! ❤

Puppy Orange 3.jpg
Puppy Orange 1.jpg
Puppy Orange 2.jpg

Right when this guy was born I noticed his half and half ears and the color has remained! He found an almost 7 year old little boy to call his own! ❤

Puppy Red 3.jpg
Puppy Red 1.jpg
Puppy Red 2.jpg

This little guy is a family surprise in Dixmont! I can't wait to hear all about it when they see him!! ❤

Puppy Lt Green 3.jpg
Puppy Lt Green 3.jpg
Puppy Lt Green 2.jpg

This pumpkin is a character. He is headed up north as well to Portside Labradors! ❤

Puppy Blue 3.jpg
Puppy Blue 1.jpg
Puppy Blue 2.jpg

Time To Go Home!!

Going Home.jpg

Sire- Rival

Rival originates from Bodybuilder Bulldogs in Oklahoma. He is an impressive looking boy with beautiful green eyes. He has a great build, awesome temperament and personality galore! The combination of Rival with our own Harlie Quinn should give us a very nice litter. We are expecting a variety of colors from this pairing. Possible solid black and whites, solid blue and whites, black brindles, brown brindle, blue brindles...and all possible carriers of chocolate.

Rival Collage.jpg

Dam- Harlie Quinn

Harlie Collage.jpg
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