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Ballpark Bullies

Puppy Policy

1. Each puppy comes with a 1 year health guarantee and has been vet checked prior to leaving Ballpark Bullies. Puppy has been found clear and free of genetic defects and is in good health. If buyer feels otherwise upon receiving puppy they will have their State Licensed Vet check the health of the puppy within 72 hours of receiving puppy to verify the animals state of health. This will be at buyers expense. If vet finds a serious health condition aside from common easily treatable conditions Ballpark Bullies will give the option to replace puppy of equal value if available. If no other puppy is available Ballpark Bullies will pay vet expenses, or, refund cost of puppy. Ballpark Bullies will NOT pay vet expenses that exceed the total price that was paid for puppy. If vet expenses do not exceed price of puppy Ballpark Bullies will pay for Vet bill before a full refund is offered. A serious condition would be a life threatening condition, or, something that causes serious impairment to vital functions. Any condition that can be treated either surgically or medically will not be considered life threatening. Above is only applicable until puppies first birthday. Seller reserves the right to request a second diagnostic veterinary opinion.

2. Ballpark Bullies 1 year Health guarantee does not cover common infections such as, but not limited to Coccidia, Giardia, Parvo, Skin allergies, Internal or External Parasites, Cherry eye, Entropion, Skin Allergies, Demodex, Inguinal or Umbilical Hernias, Small or collapsed nares, "snoring" or loud breathing which is common in all of the Brachycephalic dog breeds. Ballpark Bullies strives to produce Bulldogges that move and breathe freely. All of our breeding dogs are free breathers. However, there is a chance a puppy/puppies can be produced with BOAS (Pinched nares, elongated soft palate and or everted laryngeal saccules etc.). This unfortunately can come with the territory of any brachycephalic dog breeds and is not limited to bulldogs only. This surgery is not covered by Ballpark Bullies as it can be surgically repaired, therefore we do not consider this life threatening. We ask all potential buyers to please do your research on brachycephalic dog breeds.

3. Buyer agrees that Ballpark Bullies will not pay any of the buyers Veterinarian visit expenses at all for any reason unless a serious impairment/life threatening condition is found. Ballpark Bullies will ONLY pay for treatment expenses of this condition up to price of what was paid for puppy only.


4. All puppies require a $1000 non refundable deposit to reserve puppy. Once deposit is received that puppy will be considered sold and will no longer be available. All remaining balance is due by the time the puppy reaches 7 weeks. If puppy will be flying with TLC flight nanny we require puppy and flight expenses to be paid in full by 6 weeks so we can arrange shipping.

5. Buyer agrees to love and maintain the health of the puppy. Buyer agrees to house and feed properly. Buyer agrees to keep up with vaccines and wormings as needed. Buyer agrees to never abuse or use puppy for any illegal purposes. Brachycephalic breeds require certain temperature guidelines and do not tolerate heat well. If for any reason a puppy purchased from Ballpark Bullies cannot be kept, it MUST be returned to us with no money refunded. Not doing so is a breach of this contract. This is to ensure none of our puppies are placed in the wrong homes and/or end up in shelters. Ballpark Bullies will always take puppies/dogs back for any reasons with no money refunded.

6. There is no guarantee that the puppy chosen will be able to be bred or shown regardless of breeding or show potential at the time of purchase. There is no money back if buyer decides puppy is not to your liking. When buying a puppy with full breeding rights (full breeding rights would have to be agreed upon between buyer and seller) Ballpark Bullies can not guarantee puppy will grow up to be a breeder.

Ballpark Bullies cannot guarantee color or gender when placing deposits. Deposits will not be refunded in the event that a specific color/gender is not produced. If not enough puppies are produced on said litter then buyer will have the opportunity to choose between one of our next upcoming litters and so on until buyer is able to get a puppy or deposit will be forfeited. If a pre deposit is placed before female is confirmed and the female dog does not produce a litter the buyer will have an opportunity to pick from a future litter. If buyer doesn't want to wait for future litter the deposit will not be refunded.  The deposit will be rolled into a future litter of the buyers choosing. We can't guarantee the colors of our upcoming litters as we don't pick our studs until our moms come into heat. 


🐾 Because the puppies are raised in our personal home we ask families to pick puppies via photos and/or facetiming/videos. Pick of puppies is done at 3 to 4 weeks of age to allow time for other puppies to find homes. This has worked great for all of our families from our last litters. The final surprise of seeing their baby at 7 to 8 weeks is the best part. We post lots and lots of photos along the way as you have seen though! Maybe too many!


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