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Classic Pick Me Choose Me Love Me Meredith came to us from Texas as a puppy. Her mom is kind of famous! Have you seen the video of the Frenchie nursing the baby deer? If you haven't, you should. That Frenchie was Merediths mom when she was pregnant with her. Meredith is the daughter of Trigger. She is a blue fawn brindle triple carrier. We didn't buy Meredith for her color, although beautiful. We bought Meredith for her structure. Meredith is built like a male. She has the muscle and build of a male. Meredith also has a beautiful headpiece that sits on her rugged little body. Meredith loves to snuggle. If she has the opportunity and a free human... she is snuggling...

Meredith 3.jpg
Meredith 2.jpg
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