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Meet- Seas The Day- "Cruz"

Cruz is our newest addition. He is a chocolate AKC French Bulldog boy with tan points. He is a quad carrier who carries both blue and cream. Cruz came to us all the way from Texas and we are very excited to see what he and Phodo produce in the future!

Cruz 5.jpg
Cruz 1.jpg
Cruz 3.jpg
Cruz 2.jpg
Cruz 4.jpg
Cruz Love.jpg

Meet- Paint Me Like One Of Your French Girls, "Phodo"

This little beauty is such a doll. She is an AKC blue fawn French Bulldog. She is a quad carrier, carrying chocolate, cream and tri color. Phodo came to us all the way from the United Kingdom. What she lacks in physical size, she makes up for in spunk. She and Cruz are best buddies and are growing up together here at Ballpark Bullies.

Phodo 1.jpg
Phodo 3.jpg
Phodo 2.jpg
Phodo 4.jpg
Ballpark Bullies Maine Phodo Sweater.jpg
Ballpark Bullies Phodo.jpg
Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix Phodo.jpg
Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix and Phodo 2.jpg
Ballpark Bullies Kix Phodo Sleep.jpg

Meet- Kid Tested, Mother Approved, "Kix"

Kix is a fawn/sable/chocolate OEB, carrying blue and tri colors. Everyone who meets her absolutely loves her, and in return, she loves everyone that she meets! She is currently busy growing up and just being a happy, goofy puppy. We can't wait to see what she will produce once she grows up and matures out.

Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix Cute.jpg
Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix Puppy.jpg
Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix
Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix 5-4-19.jpg
Maine Ballpark Bullies Kix 2.jpg
Kix August 4.jpg
Kix August 3.jpg
Kix August 2.jpg
Kix August 1.jpg
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